Why we have to use HPMC in cement based products

like cement based mortar, Ceramic tile adhesives, Skim coats, Repair mortars,

modified hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is designed for cement-based applications, such as skim coats, repair mortars and tile adhesives.
It imparts well-balanced properties, including open time, slip resistance, adhesion and shear strength according to different storage conditions.
HPMC also adds good workability and enhances water retention. The selected particle size distribution offers quick, lump-free dissolution. It is compatible with all conventional mineral and organic binders.
 Open time
 Slip and good impact resistance
 Quick or lump-free dissolution
 Excellent adhesion and shear strength
 Compatible with all conventional mineral and organic binders
 Easy workability and optimum consistency
 Enhances water retention
 Low stickiness and high yield