why should we add chemical additive in ready mixed mortar


what is ready mixed mortar

Ready mixed mortar, also known as pre-mixed or pre-made mortar, is a type of mortar that is prepared and delivered to the construction site in a ready-to-use form. It is a blend of cement, sand, and additives that are proportioned and mixed by the manufacturer according to specific requirements, such as the type of construction project, the application, and the desired strength and durability

Ready mixed mortar can be delivered in bags, tubs, or silos, and can be customized for specific uses, such as bricklaying, blocklaying, and rendering. It offers several advantages over on-site mixing, including consistent quality, reduced labor and material waste, and faster installation times. Ready mixed mortar is commonly used in commercial and residential construction projects for applications such as masonry work, tile installation, and repair and maintenance of existing structures.

why should we add chemical additive in ready mixed mortar

Chemical additives are commonly added to ready mixed mortar to improve its performance and to meet specific requirements for different applications. Here are some reasons why chemical additives may be added to ready mixed mortar:

Water retention: Some chemical additives are added to improve the water retention of the mortar, allowing it to stay workable for longer periods of time. This is particularly useful in hot and dry climates where the mortar can dry out quickly.

Setting time: Chemical additives can be used to accelerate or retard the setting time of the mortar, allowing for greater control over the curing process.

Bond strength: Some chemical additives can improve the bond strength of the mortar, ensuring that it adheres well to the substrate and provides a strong and durable bond.

Flexibility: Chemical additives can be added to improve the flexibility of the mortar, making it less likely to crack or break under stress.

Color: Some chemical additives can be added to alter the color of the mortar, making it easier to match the color of existing mortar or to achieve a desired aesthetic effect.


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