Which reason could cause china cellulose ether price increased in the following days

Global inflation is a problem we have to face in the post-epidemic era

Presumably, you have received a very large increase in quotations from suppliers. as china HPMC manufacturer, we will analyze from the perspective of the producer why the price of HPMC will increase so much this year
1. Raw materials.
1.1:Refined cotton, we purchase the refiend cotton from XinJiang province. Xinjiang is the BEST refined cotton producing area in China, due to the Covid-19 case in xinjiang, some road is locked down, Refind cotton could be delivery slow in the following weeks.
1.2:Propylene oxide: Limited capacity, cash to get the Spot goods,price go high.
1.3:Methyl chloride: Limited capacity, cash to get the Spot goods, price go high.
1.4:Liquid caustic soda: both refined cotton and HPMC could use it, 300% higher already
2.Goverment policy
Suffering from insufficient coal production capacity, limiting production and electricity is another problem we have to face, the winter is close, It will inevitably exacerbate the problem of insufficient coal supply,
Northern China adopts a central heating policy in winter, it will surely cause the Coal consumption gose higher, just like we talk above.
Every winter, there will be at least 8 weeks of production shutdown to ensure that the winter PM2.5 is at an environmentally friendly value.
4.other factors
4.1.there is a china chemical factory explode last week, it offer the Necessary raw materials of hpmc, it will surely effect the current china hpmc price and delivery date,
4.2. shipping charge never goes lower, it is anther factor makes the CIF price at high piont.
There is a small chance of the price goes lower, we need plan longer.