whats the different between tile adhesive and cement based mortar

1. Advantages of tile glue: The main advantage of tile glue is that it has a strong ability to stick tiles, is waterproof and moisture-proof, and is not easy to age. It is often used for exterior wall decoration.
Disadvantages of tile glue: Compared with the cost of cement, the cost of tile glue will be much higher.
2. Advantages of cement mortar: Cement mortar is mainly based on cement, and then some additives are added, which can be used after mixing with water. Cement mortars with different functions need to add additives with different functions. Only in this way can the cement achieve different effects. For example, if you want to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof functions, you must add additives to make the cement form a film to play a waterproof role.
Disadvantages of cement mortar: The thickness of the cement must be thick enough, the materials used are large, and the paste is prone to hollowing.