what is rdp polymer powders


RDP stands for Redispersible Polymer Powder. It is a copolymer powder obtained by spray drying a liquid emulsion of a polymer. RDP powders are widely used in various construction applications, including tile adhesives, grouts, cement-based renders, and self-leveling compounds.

RDP polymer powders consist of a polymer binder, such as vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE), vinyl acetate-ethylene-ethylene (VAE/E), or acrylic, along with other additives. During the manufacturing process, the liquid emulsion is transformed into a powder form through spray drying. This process involves atomizing the emulsion into tiny droplets and drying them rapidly, resulting in the formation of free-flowing powders.

RDP polymer powders have several important functions in construction applications:

Binder: RDP acts as a binder, providing cohesive strength and adhesion to the dry mix. It forms a flexible and durable film when the powder is dispersed in water during application.

Flexibility: RDP imparts flexibility to the mortar or coating, allowing it to accommodate slight movements without cracking. This is particularly important in applications where substrate movement or temperature variations are expected.

Water Resistance: RDP enhances the water resistance of the final product. The polymer film formed by RDP reduces water permeability, improving the durability and longevity of the construction material.

Workability: RDP improves the workability and handling characteristics of the dry mix. It enhances the spreadability, open time, and cohesiveness, making the material easier to mix, apply, and shape.

Improved Adhesion: RDP enhances the adhesion of the dry mix to various substrates, ensuring a strong bond. This is particularly important in applications like tile adhesives and renders, where proper adhesion is crucial for long-term performance.

Impact Resistance: RDP improves the impact resistance of the final product, making it less prone to cracking or damage due to mechanical stress.

RDP polymer powders play a vital role in construction applications by improving the performance, workability, and durability of the dry mix materials.


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