Why choose a tile bond with RDP and HPMC


Why TileMaster ProBond with HPMC and RDP?

  1. Unmatched Adhesion: We've combined the strength of HPMC and RDP to create an adhesive that forms an unbreakable bond between your tiles and the substrate. Your tiles will stay in place, no matter what life throws their way.

  2. The Perfect Consistency: Achieving the ideal adhesive consistency is a breeze with ProBond. HPMC ensures the adhesive spreads smoothly, while RDP keeps it in place. Say goodbye to sagging or dripping adhesives and hello to precision tiling.

  3. Endless Versatility: Whether you're working on a kitchen backsplash or an outdoor patio, TileMaster ProBond is up for the task. Our innovative formulation makes it adaptable for all types of tile applications.

  4. Extended Open Time: No need to rush your tiling project. ProBond's HPMC and RDP combination extends the open time, so you can meticulously position each tile with ease.

  5. Water-Resistant Marvel: ProBond boasts outstanding water resistance, making it perfect for wet areas. Say farewell to worries about water damage in your bathroom or kitchen.

  6. Long-Lasting Beauty: Our HPMC and RDP infusion ensures your tiles will stay put and stay beautiful. No more worries about tiles detaching over time.

Why Settle for Ordinary? Choose TileMaster ProBond for Extraordinary!

Step up your tiling game and enjoy the advantages of HPMC and RDP in TileMaster ProBond. Say goodbye to the headaches of inferior adhesives and embrace the innovation that makes your tiling projects a breeze.

Get ready to transform your space into a masterpiece. Get TileMaster ProBond today, and watch your tiles become the envy of the neighborhood! Unleash your tiling potential with TileMaster ProBond - where innovation meets excellence.


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