The downturn in the real estate industry has a significant impact on construction chemical additives

1 Low growth from the second half of 2021 due to increased government restrictions on economic activity to control the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in some regions.
2. In addition to the new crown epidemic, severe power shortages in summer have also exacerbated China's economic recession. One of the reasons for the power shortage, the government closed many coal mines and CO2-emitting coal-fired power stations
3. Debt crisis broke out in Chinese real estate companies such as China Evergrande Group, which brought China's real estate market into a stage of adjustment
The above reasons have led to a downturn in China's real estate market, which has a significant impact on downstream building materials
The downturn in building materials dry powder materials has affected downstream manufacturers of construction chemical additives
The hydroxypropyl methyl fiber produced by our company is a colorless and odorless building material additive. It is widely used in tile adhesive, putty, gypsum, and water-based paint. It has very good water retention and thickening properties. A construction chemical additive approved by manufacturers around the world,