Solubility of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether differ from granule

Coarse hpmc cellulose ether is easy to disperse in water without agglomeration, but the dissolution rate is very slow. Cellulose powder below 60 mesh in water, it will need about 60mins to solubitiy
Fine-particle cellulose ether polymer is easily dispersed in water without agglomeration, and the dissolution rate is moderate. Cellulose ether above 80 mesh dissolves in water about 3 minutes or so.
Ultra-fine particles of cellulose ether disperse quickly in water, dissolve quickly, and form viscosity quickly. Cellulose ether above 120 mesh is soluble in water
The solution takes about 10-30 seconds.
if hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether need the better the water should be the super-fine particles. The surface of the coarse particles of cellulose ether will dissolve and shape immediately after contact with water.
Gel phenomenon. The glue wraps the material to prevent the water molecules from continuing to penetrate, and sometimes it is not evenly dispersed and dissolved after a long time of stirring.
Decomposition, forming a cloudy flocculent solution or agglomerates. The fine particles are dispersed and dissolved immediately after contact with water to form a uniform viscosity