Improving Adhesion and Durability with Redispersible Polymer Powder


The Role of RDP Polymer in Dry-Mix Construction Products

RDP (Redispersible Polymer Powder) is a copolymer powder that is commonly used in construction applications. It is made from a combination of polymer emulsions and additives such as surfactants, stabilizers, and defoamers.

RDP polymer is used as a binder in dry-mix products such as tile adhesives, grouts, self-leveling compounds, and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). It enhances the properties of these products by providing improved adhesion, flexibility, workability, and durability.

RDP polymer is added to the dry mix and dispersed during the mixing process, where it forms a film on the surface of the cement particles. This film helps to improve the water resistance of the product, prevent segregation, and increase the bonding strength.

The amount of RDP polymer added to the mix can vary depending on the specific application and the desired properties of the product. Generally, the higher the amount of RDP polymer added, the higher the strength and durability of the product.

Overall, RDP polymer is an important ingredient in many construction products, providing enhanced properties and improved performance.



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