Requirement of HPMC' capability in construction

different construction raw materials require different HPMC

The cellulose ether used in latex and latex coatings can be soaked and dissolved in advance, so it only requires a higher viscosity but not a high requirement for solubility. Other cellulose ethers used in the formulations of powdered putty, tile adhesive, underwater anti-dispersion concrete, exterior wall thermal insulation plastering mortar, self-leveling floor cement mortar, etc. generally require better water solubility, that is, better water solubility. Fast dissolution rate;
The requirements for viscosity are different. Tile adhesives and underwater anti-dispersion concrete require higher-viscosity cellulose ethers. Powdered putty and external thermal insulation plastering mortars generally require medium-viscosity cellulose ethers to level the ground. To ensure the fluidity of cement mortar, low-molecular-weight cellulose ether is required. Based on the above requirements, of course, the price and cost must be considered comprehensively.