HPMC 200000 mPas mainly application

200.000 mPas HPMC can be used in construction field and personal care field, offer high effect thicken funcation.
Hydroxy Propil Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) with 200,000 Viscosity. Apollocel was developed for cement-based applications, like cement-based tile adhesives, Good water retention, good slip resistance. It also exhibits good work ability. The selected particle size distribution guarantees quick or lump free dissolution. It is compatible with all conventional mineral and organic binders. Apollocel is intended for dry mixing with other powder materials and should not be used for directed dissolving in water.
The Apollocel which has a low degree/ratio of displacement and etherification, has been developed for cement-based product applications in the following Construction Chemicals.
Also you can find HPMC 200.000 can be used in detergent,
function as thickeners, binders, and film formers in water based formulations. Some grades of Apollocel can also be used in binary organic and organic solvent / water systems. There are a wide variety of grades available ranging in hydroxypropyl content and molecular weight. It is possible by choosing the proper grade(s) of Apollocel to achieve the optimum viscosity, rheology, moisture retention, and binding properties for a given formulation.