At the beginning of 2022, the price increase trend of chemical raw material products is a foregone conclusion

At the beginning of 2022, the chemical industry will start a counterattack price increase again. After the year, factors such as epidemics, storms, and geopolitical remediation will be added. With the end of the Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger, the increase in chemical prices has become the main theme.
After the year, many industries started construction one after another, especially the expansion of investment in real estate and infrastructure, which brought stronger demand, and just need to purchase good commodities. Overall, supply and demand will re-emerge as the dominant factor affecting chemical prices in 2022.
The international crude oil price has risen sharply, and the market macro has warmed up. After the holiday, the overall domestic chemical market is relatively strong, and the prices of chemical raw materials continue to rise. Among them, the average price of styrene increased by about 800 yuan / ton in January, acrylic acid increased by about 1900 yuan / ton, and vinyl acetate increased by about 750 yuan / ton. Propylene oxide rose 6.9% from the previous month. Propylene oxide is also one of the main raw materials for the manufacture of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, which is what we often call HPMC. HPMC/HEC is widely used in the coating industry.
According to incomplete statistics, the prices of dozens of chemical raw materials have risen since the beginning of 2022. , BASF, Trinseo, Mitsui Chemicals, Toray, Mitsubishi Chemical and many other chemical companies announced product increases in 2022, and some even planned to increase prices since the end of last year, and the increase was simply hot.