After the Russian-Ukrainian war, what impact will it have on China's crude oil supply chain?

First, changes in oil prices have a fundamental impact on China's crude oil imports. China's crude oil has long been highly dependent on foreign countries. Based on this implementation, production costs are highly sensitive to oil prices.

Second, it may affect China's refining and chemical integration projects. The raw material side will definitely be greatly affected, and the main products of the refining and chemical integration project are different from traditional refineries. They mainly produce downstream chemicals, so there will be a certain degree of impact on the downstream chemicals market. For example, methyl chloride and propylene oxide, which are used forproduce hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, have a clear upward trend (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is an important building additive, widely used in various building dry powder materials like tile adhesive, putty powder, gypsum plaster,paints as a thickener and water-retaining agent)

Thirdly, rising oil prices and external geopolitics push up oil prices, which to a certain extent promotes the pace of domestic industrial upgrading, which will enable domestic enterprises to develop and progress in the direction of cleanliness, high efficiency and low consumption.

Finally, there is another important environment that must be mentioned. In recent years, after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the United States released water, which led to increased inflation. Especially in 2021, global commodities are skyrocketing, so for European and American countries, they actually do not want to see oil prices skyrocketing.