Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP

Design for Dry mixed construction raw materials

Tensile Strength
Stable Performance

Redispersible Polymer Powder, as known as RDP/Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, VAE, dry powder adhesive. It has outstanding waterproof performance, good bonding strength, RDP can increases the elasticity of mortar and open time, improve mortar with excellent alkali resistance, improves the adhesion, adhesion, flexural strength, plasticity, wear-resisting performance and construction property of mortar, and has stronger flexibility in flexible crack resistant mortar.
Redispersible Polymer Powder, as known as RDP/Redispersible Emulsion Powder, VAE for ready-mix and dry-mixproducts.
Appearance: White to slightly off-white powder
Solids Content(%):≥ 98.0
Ash Content (1000°C, %):≤ 12.0
PH value:5.0-8.0
Bulk density (g/l):490 - 590
Average particle size (≥ 400μm):max. 4% Film forming temperature(°C) : min. 0°C
Application: Gypsum Plaster, Wall and Joint Fillers, Tile grout, Mineral Renders & Plasters, Tile Adhesives, Skim Coat
Improve the bond strength, tensile strength and flexural strength of the material.
Make the rigid and brittle cement mortar have certain flexibility, reduce the elastic modulus of the molding material so it has high plasticity.
Improve the water resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance.
Improve the fluidity and constructability due to the existence of water-soluble protective colloid on the surface of RDP, it can improve the water retention of mortar, reduce water evaporation and improve the strength.
Reduce shrinkage and cracking.
Redispersible emulsion powder(INN RDP, VAE) is the powder form of a special emulsion (macromolecul-ar polymers) after spraying and drying. It dissolves in water easily and quickly and forms emulsion, the same with the original emulsion. The membrane will form after the moisture is evaporated; this kind of membrane possesses high flexibility, good climate resistance and high adhesive to various substrates.
25 kg paper bag inner with PE bag.
Customized by customer requests.
16 Ton load by plates in 20 FLC.
20 Ton load by bags in 20 FLC .
Delivery with in 5-7 days after deposit received.
While is classified as a non-hazardous material, the following should be taken notice of in order to avoid unexpected accidents when handling:
Storage: To avoid explosion due to dust, store aware from heats, sparks and fires, and do not expose it directly to high temperatures.
Handling: Solutions of RDP are very slippery. To avoid any accidents, sweep the spilled powder and keep dry.
Health: Use appropriate procedures to avoid direct contact such as the skin or eyes and prevent any inhalation of the product.
Additional information: For further information on safety, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and/or contact Apollo Chemical directly or our representatives.

Chemical Auxiliary Agents RDP

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